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Kevin Cromar


Wednesday November 04, 2020, from 12:30 - 1:30 pm  on Zoom.


Environmental Justice Indicator for Managing Local Air Pollution



Environmental justice is an evolving, and often imprecise, concept that incorporates elements of health disparities, inequitable environmental exposures, impacts of cumulative health stressors, and empowered communities that participate in public decision-making regarding environmental conditions. Dr. Cromar will discuss the evolution of the basic principles of environmental justice in the United States as it relates to outdoor air quality and will provide examples from his own health and policy research that may provide new insights into how environmental justice can be better operationalized in policy decisions moving forward. Dr. Cromar will also touch briefly on some of the coordinated efforts by the current administration to dismantle how science informs decision-making at federal agencies involved in environmental policy. 



Dr. Kevin Cromar is the director of the Air Quality Program at the Marron Institute of Urban Management and an Associate Professor of Environmental Medicine and Population Health at New York University Grossman School of Medicine. His applied research program focuses on the intersection of science and policy and spans from traditional epidemiology health research, to translational studies, policy research, and efforts to assist in policy implementation. His translational research has led to improvements in energy and transportation policy in the US and his international research has improved how health risks of outdoor air pollution are communicated to the public. He is currently a member of the Utah Air Quality Board and is the co-chair of the American Thoracic Society Environmental Health Policy Committee.