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AY 2023-24

Seminars are held 3-4:20 p.m. every other Monday in COB1 110 unless otherwise noted.

In case of questions, please contact the ES Seminar Leads.

Spring 2024

January 22

"The Practice of Ecological Engineering with Water in Two Case Studies"

Paul Frank, Flow West

Nominator: Marc Beutel


February 5 

"Sensors for Detecting Biotic and Abiotic Stress in Plants"

Reza Ehsani, UC Merced 

Nominator: Gerardo Diaz


March 4 

Kendra Baumgartner, USDA

Nominator: Josh Viers


March 18

"Wildland Fuels: Questions that need answering"

Jonathan Greenberg, University of Nevada, Reno

Nominator: Erin Hestir


April 1 

"Exploring mosquito-pathogen interactions within the framework of microbial control and the implications of a changing climate"

Jose Luis Ramirez, USDA 

Nominator: Andrea Joyce


April 15 

"Regional precipitation changes under global warming"

Akintomide Akinsanola, University of Illinois Chicago 

Nominator: Adeyemi Adebiyi


April 29 

"Bridging the Gap between Fabrication Methods and Microstructure of Porous Electrodes in Electrochemical Devices”

Jay Sui, University of Victoria 

Nominator: Abel Chuang


Fall 2023

August 28

"Introduction to DELTA Science Program"

Aaron Angel, Delta Stewardship Council

Nominator: Josue Medellin-Azuara


September 11

"Moving the Needle: Why do Mercury Interventions Take So Long to Reduce Mercury in Fish?"

Kahlil Abusaba, WSP USA Corp.

Nominator: Marc Beutel


September 25

"Progress Toward Sustainable Energy and Opportunities for You to Help"

Sarah Kurtz, UC Merced

Nominator: Gerardo Diaz


October 9

"The Deep History of People and Ecosystem Change in Eastern Africa: Evolutionary to Contemporary Views"

Kendra Chritz, University of British Columbia

Nominator: Emily Moran


October 16

"The Role of Dairy Manure Management and Land Application in Greenhouse Gas and Ammonia Emissions in California"

Michael Rodriguez

Nominator: Rebecca Ryals


October 23 - in ADMIN 350

"Scaling Up and Skilling Up at the ABPDU"

James Gardner, Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Nominator: Gerardo Diaz


November 6 (in ADMIN 350)

“Pliocene climate of the northern tropical Andes”

Lina C. Pérez-Angel, Brown University

Nominator: Sora Kim


November 20 -  no seminar 


December 4 (in ADMIN 350)

Plamen Atanassov, UC Irvine

Nominator: Abel Chuang

Updated January 2024