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Seminar Committee

Meet the Environmental Systems Seminar Committee



Professor Adeyemi Adebiyi

Dr. Adeyemi "Yemi" Adebiyi is an assistant professor in the Department of Life and Environmental Sciences at UC Merced. His research focuses on understanding the interactions of aerosols (such as dust aerosols, smoke aerosols, and other carbonaceous aerosols) and their unique impacts on the regional and global climate. 





Professor Sam Markolf

Dr. Samuel Markolf is an Assistant Professor within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Merced. Prior to joining UC Merced, Dr. Markolf was a Research Fellow within the NSF sponsored Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network (UREx SRN) at Arizona State University.

His research broadly focuses on applying systems-level analysis to sustainability and resilience challenges facing cities and infrastructure systems. His work spans urban GHG estimation and mitigation, adaptation to climate change and other disruptions, interconnected infrastructure systems, and complex social-ecological-technological systems. 

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