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Seminar Committee

Meet the Environmental Systems Seminar Committee for 2018 - 2019

Rebecca Ryals

Rebecca studies how nutrients and carbon move into, within, and out of ecosystems.  She is particularly interested in applying ecosystem science to find solutions to some of today’s most challenging problems, including climate climate, sanitation, nutrient pollution, and food production. 

Check the Ryals lab 




Marie-Odile Fortier

Marie-Odile models emerging energy systems and climate change mitigation strategies, and study their environmental impacts using life cycle assessment (LCA). She also develops methodology for LCA practice.

Check the Fortier lab 


Byran Fuhrmann 

Bryan Fuhrmann

Byran studies Lake Management, Mercury Cycling and Remediation, Cost-benefit Analysis, Hypolimnetic Oxygenation and Water Treatability.

Find Byran on Researchgate and LinkedIn 




Angel Santiago Fernandez-Bou 

Angel Santiago Fernandez Bou

Angel S. works on defining the CO2 dynamics (concentrations and emissions) from massive leaf-cutter ant nests from Neotropical forests in Costa Rica. He also models river flow forecasting for hydropower production in Brazil, and wastewater and pollutants treatment. 

Find Angel S. at UC Merced, on Researchgate and LinkedIn