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Seminar Committee

Meet the Environmental Systems Seminar Committee for 2019 - 2020

Colleen Naughton 

Colleen Naughton


Colleen and her lab develop sustainable food-energy-water systems with communities locally, nationally and globally through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Geographic Information Systems, integration of anthropology and engineering, and infusing science into policy. 




Michael Dawson



Our lab explores the intersection of ecology, evolution, and environment.  We study how (1) molecular variation explains and causes differences between individuals, populations, species, and higher taxa and how (2) the environment shapes genetic, organismal, population, and community variation.   

Lab website:


*photo from Max Ogden

Christiana Ade

Christiana is a PhD student in the Earth Observation and Remote Sensing lab. She uses satellite and airborne imagery to study water quality, wetland vegetation, and carbon cycling in estuaries.



Jorge Armando Montiel Molina


Jorge is an international PhD student, working on microbiology and ecology. He focuses on the diversity and distribution of microbes living vernal pools to test biogeography theories. He also studies the role of microbes living in symbiosis with vernal pool plants, to understand a rare plant behavior that allows survival under water saturation-rapid desiccation stress.


Lillie Pennington

Lillie studies native plant adaptation to climate change, specifically rapid adaptation to extreme climate events. She works with the cutleaf monkeyflower, a plant endemic to the Sierra Nevada.