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Ph.D. Student Named to ASCE Committee on Adaptation to a Changing Climate

January 16, 2024

Environmental Systems Ph.D. student Marie BuhlEnvironmental Systems Ph.D. candidate Marie Buhl has been invited to join the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Committee on Adaptation to a Changing Climate (CACC).

Buhl, who is from Germany, works in Professor Sam Markolf’s lab focusing on climate change adaption research in the field of civil engineering through resilient infrastructure. Their research includes improving engineering education on these topics, identifying challenges for practitioners and exploring concepts of climate-informed engineering.

“It is a crucial time to advance this work,” she said. “We support research to rewrite important national building standards and fundamentally reshape the civil
engineering profession.”

After completing her Ph.D., Buhl is planning to work as a consulting engineer.

“I hope to support accelerating engineering adaptation to climate change by contributing knowledge for and advocating to include future conditions into standards and codes,” she said. “I am happy to bring a young perspective to an ASCE committee.”