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Campus Launches New Framework for Sustainable Practices

February 14, 2018

UC Merced has a new Sustainability Strategic Plan to help the campus further advance its sustainability goals.

In 2016, the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability (CACS), and the Department of Sustainability (DOS) initiated a strategic planning process for the campus’ sustainability initiatives. The group participated in four workshops over the course of several months and was tasked with developing a consistent sustainability definition and identifying the committee’s charge, vision and mission.

“We took a comprehensive approach to engage as many stakeholders as we could through the process to build a dynamic, robust plan,” sustainability Director Colleen McCormick said.

From those workshops, the new Sustainability Strategic Plan was developed to provide a high-level overview of campus sustainability goals through 2022 and define the roles of campus stakeholders. It was designed as a living document that will be reviewed at least annually, with a progress report that outlines accomplishments distributed each spring.