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ES Grad Group Will Have Strong Presence at ESA

July 29, 2014

ESA Annual Meeting, August 10-15th, Sacramento, CA 

Many folks from UC Merced and the ES grad group will be presenting their research at the annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America in Sacramento this August. Below is a list of the UC Merced talks; only the first authors are listed, but click through to the abstracts to read more about each talk. Congratulations to all the UC Merced students, postdocs, and faculty for their fantastic research.


MONDAY, August 11

2:10 pm, COS 11: Microbial Ecology
Alyssa Carrell: Diversity and structure of endophytic bacterial communities in redwood trees

2:10 PM, COS 6: Ecosystem Management
Joy Baccei: Protecting and preserving mountain meadows: a look at seasonal patterns and soil properties

3:20 PM, COS 2: Biodiversity I
Eric Williams: Species richness of bats (Chiroptera) along lakeshore habitats in western South Carolina

PS 18-140
David Araiza:  “Biogeochemistry and elemental cycling in a vernal pool and grassland reserve

PS 3-32
Andrew B. Moyes: Microclimate factors affecting seedling emergence and survival of three conifer species within and above their current elevation ranges: results of a multi-year climate manipulation study in the Colorado Rocky Mountains

TUESDAY, August 12

8:00 AM, OOS 7: Understanding Climate, Disturbance, and Forest Dynamics from Regional to Individual Tree Scales in the Sierra Nevada
Alisa R. Keyser: Examining the impact of changes in climate and vegetation on future fire activity in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California

1:50 PM, COS 53: Soil Ecology
Steve Hart: Ginormous trees have big effects: The influence of giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) on soils

2:10PM, OOS 14: Increasing Resilience to Climate Change and Extreme Events from the Sierra Nevada to the Atlantic Ocean
Chelsea Arnold: Early spring and severe frost events induce rapid carbon loss in high elevation meadows

4:40 PM, COS 53: Soil Ecology
Asmeret Asefaw Berhe: Decomposition of soil organic matter due to dessication of high elevation meadow soils

PS 28-141
Emma McCorkle: Surface erosion and sediment accumulation in the Sierra Nevada: Using stable isotopes to source eroded material in captured sediments


WEDNESDAY, August 13

10:10AM, OOS 25: Implementing Collaborative Adaptive Management from Multiple Perspectives
Roger Bales (presented by Philip Saska): Verifying the water impacts of vegetation management in heterogeneous, mixed-conifer Sierra Nevada forests

THURSDAY, August 14

8:00AM, COS 98, Evolution: Selection And Adaptation
Emily Moran: Gene flow and local adaptation along elevation gradients in an invasive plant (Solidago canadensis)

8:20 AM, COS 91: Biogeochemistry: New Paradigms In Biogeochem Cycling I
Carolin Frank: Aboveground N2-fixing bacterial endophytes in subalpine conifers: A novel pathway for ecosystem acquisition of new nitrogen?

9:00AM, SYMP 18: Island Biogeography, from the Oceans to the Sky
Mike Dawson: Origins, maintenance, and loss of biodiversity in marine lakes

11:10AM, COS 96: Distributions And Range Limits
Jason Sexton: High fitness at the leading edge of a species range despite range-wide adaptive trade-offs in climate adaptation

1:30PM, SYMP 19: Climate and Beyond: Cumulative Impacts on Species Range Shifts
Jessica Blois: 21,000 years of shifting species, communities, and biotic associations in response to past climate change

1:30PM, SYMP 20: Understanding and Managing Ecological Resilience to Natural Disasters in a Changing Environment
Leroy Westerling: Controls and consequences of forest wildfires under a changing climate

2:50PM, COS 108: Arctic, Alpine, Antarctic Systems
Kaitlin C. Lubetkin: Life stage filters on conifer encroachment into subalpine meadows in the central Sierra Nevada, California

PS 53-79
Rebecca Lever: Characterization of soil organic matter fractions in fire-affected hillslopes using mid-infrared spectroscopy


FRIDAY, August 15

08:00AM, COS 139: Niche Relationships and Theory
Kaitlin Maguire: Climatic niche shifts from the Last Glacial Maximum to present in North American mammals

PS 73-150
Dana Carper: Endophytic bacterial communities in the aboveground tissue of subalpine conifers are conserved across host species and sites

PS 77-190
Lauren Schiebelhut: Does rafting facilitate gene flow in a brooding marine invertebrate?

PS 86-252
Holly Swift: Shifts between synchronous and asynchronous population dynamics in a pelagic jellyfish-zooplankton-phytoplankton food web