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Sora Kim

Professor Sora Kim
Professional Title: 
Associate Professor
SE1 294
Research Interests: 
Water Resources and Climate; Biogeochemistry and Environmental Chemistry; Ecology, Ecosystems and Biodiversity
Sora Kim's research focuses on how animals and plants interact with their environment using novel blends of concepts and techniques from paleontology, ecology, and biochemistry. She addresses environmental and ecological questions in modern and ancient ecosystems across large temporal and spatial scales. Kim probes questions in deep time, but because biogeochemical signals are mediated by ecology and physiology, modern systems serve as analogues for techniques and interpretations. One of the primary systems in her research program is the macroecology of sharks. Kim takes an interdisciplinary and inclusive approach to science with justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion embedded through my efforts. I am also the Faculty Director of the Stable Isotope Ecosystem Lab of (SIELO) UC Merced (