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Naivy Denise Rodal Morales

Naivy Denise Rodal Morales
Professional Title: 
Graduate Student in the Beutel Lab
Naivy Denise Rodal Morales is originally from Mexico City, Mexico where I received her B.S. in Geological Engineering from the National Autonomous University of México doing undergraduate research on the origin and geochemistry of Jurassic igneous rocks in Puebla, Mexico. Currently, her interests are related to environmental engineering, specifically water quality, wetlands, limnology and biogeochemistry. At UC Merced, her research will be mostly focused on the study of mercury at the water-sediment interface to prevent the release of toxic methyl-mercury to water. She is looking forward to working in water quality protection for the government or a private consulting firm. She is an active member of the American Ecological Engineering Society and the California Lake Management Society.