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Alexia Cooper

Professional Title: 
Graduate Student in the Ryals Lab
Alexia Cooper is a Ph.D. student passionate about soil health as a way to mitigate climate change while fostering resilient socioagricutlural systems. Her research interests include compost amendments, mychorrizae fungi relationships, and food sovereignty. She graduated from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, UT with a B.S. in Environmental Systems. She recently graduated from Western Colorado University, Gunnison, CO, with a Masters in Environmental Management - Sustainable and Resilient Communities track. She is currently writing a scientific article to submit for peer review on the effects of a biosolid compost amendments on irrigated perennial pasturelands to address drought prone soils in Western Colorado. She grew up in North Eastern Utah in an off-the-grid solar cabin, where I developed a lifelong connection to nature that drives my passion for regenerative land management and outdoor recreation.