Dr. Richard Jackson - Smart engineers, biologists, and natural scientists, Health Needs You!

Smart engineers, biologists, and natural scientists, Health Needs You!

December 5th, 2018 at the California room, UC Merced, starting at 1:00 pm


The natural sciences help us to understand the world we live in; engineering helps solve our technical challenges; medicine tries to help us get better.  But the great challenges of the 21st century do not stay locked up in their own disciplines.  We health professionals cannot solve air pollution or trauma related harms without reaching out to building and transportation leaders. We cannot manage epidemics of homelessness and isolation without linking to budget policy leaders. And we cannot confront the greatest environmental threat, climate heating, without working with natural scientists and urban planners. Too often the practitioners in each discipline, be they engineers, ecologists or clinicians, are unaware of their larger ineffectiveness, and don’t realize the influence they could exert by linking up with strong partners. Just as health workers cannot alone help humanity, so too must engineers and natural scientists must partner with health workers.  Improved pesticide regulations, water delivery and quality, and environmental protections needed, and will need, accountings of health risks and benefits.

Dr. Jackson will use examples from pesticide laws, transportation plans, and EIRs as to ways science leaders be more effective, timely and gratified in their contributions to society.



Dr. Richard Joseph Jackson is Professor emeritus at the Fielding School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles. A pediatrician, he has served in many leadership positions with the California Health Department, including the highest as the State Health Officer.


For nine years he was Director of the CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health and received the Presidential Distinguished Service award. In October 2011 he was elected to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences.

Luncheon with Dr. Jackson at the California Room at 11:30 am, before the talk.

Did you know…? The ES Seminar is committed to decrease our environmental footprint. Our luncheons and seminar snacks are only vegetarian or vegan options. We brew our own coffee and tea, and encourage the participants to bring their own mugs to decrease waste.

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