Dr. Nigel Quinn - Cyberinfrastructure for real-time water quality decision support in the San Joaquin River Basin

Cyberinfrastructure for real-time water quality decision support in the San Joaquin River Basin

November 28th, 2018 at the SSB 130 room, UC Merced, starting at 12:30 pm. Vegetarian snacks, fair-trade coffee and tea will be provided. Please, bring your own mug to decrease waste. 


Recent advances in sensors, data telemetry, data visualization and web hosting technologies have led to novel strategies for using "big data" for long-term water quality management in the San Joaquin Basin. Although issues related to data quality assurance still limit widespread sharing of data -technological innovation has broken down stakeholder apprehension in the past decade. I will present a number of applications of data driven decision support systems being deployed within the San Joaquin River basin to demonstrate these developments at the basin scale and at the field scale. Customizing these applications through a strong working systems knowledge and grass-roots level understanding of stakeholder preferences and decision making capabilities is key to success. Real-time data, delivered in a useful format and at an appropriate scale, when coupled with user-friendly simulation and forecasting models, can provide effective decision support to farmers, wetland managers, water district managers and other stakeholders with responsibility for water quality management and compliance with State-mandated water quality objectives in rivers and other water bodies. 



Dr. Nigel Quinn leads the HydroEcological Engineering Advanced Decision Support research group (HEADS) at Berkeley National Laboratory which specializes in the development of environmental decision support systems to improve understanding and find solutions to complex water resources and water quality problems in California and world-wide. He is also is a Staff Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, he spent his early years in Zimbabwe and returned to the United Kingdom for college. He has a BS in Agricultural Engineering from Cranfield University, an MS in Agricultural and Civil Engineering from Iowa State University, and a PhD in Water Resources Systems Engineering from Cornell University. Dr. Quinn is also an Adjunct Research Professor in the Department of Plant Science at the California State University at Fresno and an Associate Project Engineer in the School of Engineering at UC Merced. He has extensive experience in hydrology and water resources with previous industry and governmental positions as well. He is a fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers and on the Board of Directors of the International Symposium for Environmental Software Systems and the International Environmental Modelling and Software Society. Dr. Quinn is interested in developing environmental decision support systems for solving complex water and water quality related problems. 


NOTE: There will be a graduate student luncheon on Wednesday, November 28th, 2018, at SE1, Room 200, at 11 am.

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